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Allama Nazir Ahmad Chisti

Allama nazir does not come from a family os qawwals nor anyone from his family has been related to music. He was a naat khawan since his childhood. He used to preach Islam and give religious education. His sermons about Islam had a great impact on people. His friends suggested to him that he should take up qawwali singing because he had a melodious voice.

He did not accept their suggestion but when he was given an offer by a music company for recording an album of qawwalis, he accepted the offer.

He learnt music from musician Ghulam Qadir. His first album proved to be a hit. He never looked back and now is considered as one of the most popular qawwals of the country. He has performed in most of the cities of Pakistan as well as abroad. Allama Nazir Ahmed chisti recites Holy Quran for two hours daily.

He practices qawwali singing with group every evening. His idealises Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the art of qawwali and hopes to start some welfare projects in near future.

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